Le Cheval, 2010

Jean-Baptiste COURTIER

  • Photography by French artist Jean-Baptiste Courtier.

    Jean-Baptiste collects objects that he finds cool ant tries to put them in his pictures. Sometimes, objects are even his starting point. Each of his photography is a matter of long time process where he carefully selects each of his character and objects. For the artist, seeing his idea perfectly realized on a print or a screen makes him happy.

  • Aluminium 

    • Very elegant and modern finish. 
    • Absence of glass frame which avoid any light or window reflect
    • Anti-reflection film which protects it from deterioration from humidity and UV rays.  
    • Appearance of floating away from the wall.


    • Beauty of a top-class picture with the unmatchable quality of aluminium.
    • Phenomenal sharpness, depth, lustre and colour.

    Diasec and Plexiglas

    • Extraordinary depth as well as a color accentuation.
    • Brilliant colors
    •  High gloss finish
    • Resistant to UV light
    • Appearance of floating away from the wall.
    • Ships in 10 to 14 business days from Brussels
    • Contact us at info@spotuart.com or +32 2 733 55 28

Limited Edition of: 15 per format



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