Jerusalem, 2014 - 15


  • The limited edition fine art prints are the finishing touch of the Rings on Fire trilogy series produced in Hong Kong during 2014-2015. As a starting point, Phil Akashi chose the artworks of the first chapter of the trilogy series in which he used traditional Chinese seals to imprint manually Double Happiness characters "囍” on traditional Xuan paper. Then he photographed these artworks, digitally transformed them to create unique compositions, printed them on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper and invites us to meditate. 


    In the Rings on Fire trilogy series (2014-15), Phil Akashi explores the institution of marriage facing a global and unprecedented crisis. Marriage, as old as civilization itself and revered by virtually all societies and religions, is in decline all around the world while unmarried cohabitation and divorce rates are on the rise.

    To observe and question the challenges of marriage, the artist rejuvenates the functionality of the Double Happiness character "囍” commonly used in China as a decoration and symbol of marriage. As a result, the artist translates, in his own language, his perception about the marriage into emotions and textures. From the "leftover" women in China to the controversial same-sex marriages in America, the forced and arranged marriages in India, the child marriages in Niger, the rise of divorces and single parenthood all around the world... the artist talks about these issues using a variety of colors and techniques.

    The first chapter of the trilogy - Tradition - refers to the social and cultural values of marriage. The second chapter - Challenge - explores the contemporary revolution in marriage and its consequences. The series final chapter - Wisdom of Happiness - ends with an ultimate question: is marriage both a cause and an effect of happiness?

    Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed, stamped and numbered by the artist.

  • Aluminium 

    • Very elegant and modern finish. 
    • Absence of glass frame which avoid any light or window reflect
    • Anti-reflection film which protects it from deterioration from humidity and UV rays.  
    • Appearance of floating away from the wall.


    • Beauty of a top-class picture with the unmatchable quality of aluminium.
    • Phenomenal sharpness, depth, lustre and colour.

    Diasec and Plexiglas

    • Extraordinary depth as well as a color accentuation.
    • Brilliant colors
    •  High gloss finish
    • Resistant to UV light
    • Appearance of floating away from the wall.
    • Ships in 10 to 14 business days from Brussels
    • Contact us at or +32 2 733 55 28

Limited Edition of: 5 per format



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