4050, 2016


  • Photography by Belgian artist Mireille Roobaert.

    The photographer started a serie focused on the energy of waves she has shot in different parts of the world. 


  • Aluminium 

    • Very elegant and modern finish. 
    • Absence of glass frame which avoid any light or window reflect
    • Anti-reflection film which protects it from deterioration from humidity and UV rays.  
    • Appearance of floating away from the wall.


    • Beauty of a top-class picture with the unmatchable quality of aluminium.
    • Phenomenal sharpness, depth, lustre and colour.

    Diasec and Plexiglas

    • Extraordinary depth as well as a color accentuation.
    • Brilliant colors
    •  High gloss finish
    • Resistant to UV light
    • Appearance of floating away from the wall.
    • Ships in 10 to 14 business days from Brussels
    • Contact us at info@spotuart.com or +32 2 733 55 28

Limited Edition of: 7 per format


About Mireille ROOBAERT

Mireille Roobaert is a belgian photographer. Her work as a reporter for daily newspapers has enabled her to explore an exceptional variety of fields such as  sport, portrait, current events or architecture.  Her travels around the world from Los Angeles to Auckland, via New York, Paris, Naples opened her the doors of the reflection on the achievements and projects of those she met. Over the years, Mireille Roobaert continuously created playful series with a reflexion of scenes from everyday life.  In the mid 90s, Mireille Roobaert arrives in the world of photography when the film-to-digital transfer happens. Therefore she is formed to multiple techniques, and discovers visuals software modification. This shift is a new revelation for her. She now completely appropriates these techniques as expression of a set of malleable reality and uses it to push the horizons of creativity. Her artistic work is specially devoted to the recurring themes of false symmetry, surreal impressions of reality, sensations of twisted mirrors or the perception with two faces that shows both the past and the future. The main pillar of her art deals with the reflections of the water, with their symbolic share of fertility, femininity, fluidity, what she calls nicely "MIDMVV": the Imaginary World Of My True Life. In her works, she sculpts the image and models the message. Empty places inspires her and fulfills the meaning. Thus, to fulfill its areas of graphics and colors, Mireille asks what dwells vacuum. Mireille Roobaert collaborates, as photographer of interior architecture, with the most prestigious magazines worldwide such as Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest USA, Côté Ouest, Antiquariato, Marie-Claire Maison, Homes&Gardens or Ideat.  In 2005, she won the award of the Hamesse foundation and was awarded the Coup de Coeur of the Jury during l'Accueil at the Xavier Hufkens gallery (BE).  She graduated from the Saint Luc Institute in Liège (BE).  Born in 1969. Lives and works in Brussels (BE). 

Other Artworks by Mireille ROOBAERT