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Spot U Art - Alexia Werrie - About Us

Spot U art is the online gallery for art lovers and collectors, presenting emerging artists based in Europe. 

Spot U Art’s mission is to let you discover and collect fine art from the best contmporary artists. We offer a broad selection of art works and artists

Find on Spot U Art, online gallery, original art paintings, art photographs and art sculptures by contemporary artists. 

Spot U Art has chosen to open an  art online gallery to get an international exposure and to pre­sent artworks at affordable prices. Discover unique art pieces and limited edition artworks from 250 €. The purpose of Spot U Art is to offer everyone the possibility to acquire contemporary fine art by talented contemporary artists. 

All fine art artworks are sorted in different categories : abstract art, pop art, landscape art, urban art, portrait art, architecture art. 

Finding art has never been more easy than with Spot U Art artgallery. Founded in 2013, art dealer, Alexia Werrie, decided to present the best modern artists and present their fine art works. She launched the online art platform with 3 main sections : art photography, art painting and sculpture. To facilitate the search of collectors and offert hem a broad selection, each section has his own styles. You will find pop art, abstract painting, landscape photography, portrait art, african art, etc. 

To ensure the quality of its fine arts artworks, Alexia Werrie meets all the contemporary artists inside their art studios. All art paintings, art photographs and art sculptures are signed. Moreover, each art photography is sold in limited edition. This is a quality trust Spot U art gallery makes with its art photographers. 

Spot Art offers international visibility to emerging artists based in Europe and intends to become a springboard for young contemporary art painters and fine art photographers. 

Art advisors

The artgallery Spot U Art offers an art advisory service. You don’t know where to choose between abstract art, pop art or art photography ? Spot U Art is there to help you !

We already realized various art projects and art events for private as well as corporate clients. For each client, we choose with them which fine art artworks would best fit inside its interior. Find out on our online gallery a broad photo gallery presenting all available contemporary art artworks. For each artwork, find the details about its size, medium (art painting, art photography, art sculpture), title, art style (abstract, portrait, pop art, urban, landscape art, nature). Find also a description about the fine art artwork. You can also discover the biography of the contemporary artists. Art lovers and collectors can find out more information about the contemporary artist, its art exhibitions, art awards, art events, art publications, art schools in a broad biography. 

Weekly contemporary art magazine: Art blog 

On the art shop Spot U art, you will discover the latest contemporary art news. Spot U Art makes you share its art passion by publishing a selection of the best contemporary art exhibitions, art news and art events. Art fairs, art biennials, art exhibitions, art Openings and will no lon­ger hold any secrets for you!

Every week, the online gallery shares with you the « Art musts », a selection of art must know, must have and must see. This is our selection of best art news of the art world.

You will also be able to discover the best art exhibitions in Belgium, France, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, etc. Find out which famous contemporary painter, fine art photographer, abstract artist is presented in the different art museums and art institutions.