Biography of Mi-KL

Michael Scheers is a Belgian visual artist.

Self-taught, Michael Scheers has evolved since his early childhood in the world of advertising. This universe allows him to display from an early age a strong sense of detail.

In his works nothing is left to chance, each component is reflected, studied and selected with great attention. Through his colourful compositions the artist reveals a mastery of the material. Michael Scheers explores constantly the infinite technical possibilities of textures and colours. Everything is clear and precise. A great sense of rigor accompanies each of his compositions.

Michael Scheers delivers works without profound message but where lines, colours and images coexist in perfect harmony, releasing amazing vibration.

Through the use of the torsion as essential element, Michael Scheers works play with the third dimension of the space. Strips of plastic, leather or velvet are twisted on the canvas and vary in colour according to the light. Circles, squares and lines are in constant change of shades creating optical effects pushed to infinity. It is in these illusions, everyone can escape and dream.

His career in the field of graphic design has led him to develop a sense of balance and improvisation that is found in his artistic work. His hand found, as a magnet, this constant quest of lines, aesthetics and beauty. 

An invitation from the artist to a harmonious universe. An infinite pleasure to transmit his passion for line cutting, colour - without speech or explanation.

The observation of his works is a constant process of transformation where colours and shapes depend on the viewing angle. Michael Scheersworks truly inhabit the space and interact with the viewer who becomes participant in spite of him.

We can not ignore the parallelism between his work and that of Walter Leblanc or Carlos Cruz-Diez. The artist will retain the importance of colour and graphic quality of the compositions.

Michael Scheers has participated in several exhibitions in Belgium and the United States. In 2015, he had a large solo exhibition at the Chateau Fond'Roy in Brussels and was represented at Art Hamptons. In 2016, he was selected for a solo show on the Rooftop 58 in Brussels and will be presented in August at Knokke le Zoute. 

Michael Scheers was born in 1958. He lives and works in Rixensart (BE).

Artworks by Mi-KL

Exhibitions and Publications


2016 Spot U Art, Rooftop 58 (Brussels, BE) 

2015 Spot U Art, Château Fond'Roy (Brussels, BE) 


2016 Matières, Spot U Art (Tervuren, BE)

2016 Confluence, Spot U Art (Knokke, BE)

2016 Authentic and So (Brussels, BE)

2016 Into the Wild, Spot U Art (Tervuren, BE)

2015 Art Hamptons, Vogelsang Gallery (USA)