Biography of Loes HAM

Loes Ham is a dutch painter.

Loes Ham has always been fascinated by cultures and antiquities. She uses the nature in all its facets as source of inspiration in her works. Each of her painting is a interweaving of natural material including sand, wood, iron, color pigments or handmade paper, creating deep abstract compositions. Loes Ham juxtaposes an infinity of layers and warm colors reinforcing the notion of depth and leaving the spectator to a profound reflexion and self interpretation.

Loes Ham's works are part of various collections including inside the Deloitte (Utrecht) offices.

Born in 1953 in Rotterdam (NL). Lives and works in Rotterdam (NL).

Artworks by Loes HAM

Exhibitions and Publications


2015 Galerie Aelbrechts (Rottedam, NL)


2016 Matières, Spot U Art (Tervuren, BE)

2016 Into the Wild, Spot U Art (Tervuren, BE)

2015 Spot U Art Event, Ancienne Quincaillerie van AA (Brussels, BE) 

2014  Spot U Art Launch event, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)

2013  Modernism and tribal Art on visit, Galerie Aelbrecht (Rotterdam, NL)

2013  Summer exhibition, Gallery Nine (Amsterdam, NL)


2012  Art Gallery Maurice Vrolijk (Dordrecht, NL)


2011  Galerie Aelbrecht (Rotterdam, NL)


2010  Galerie Aelbrecht (Rotterdam, NL)


2010  Art Gallery Maurice Vrolijk (Dordrecht, NL)


2009  Summer exhibition, Gallery Charlotte Lugt (Amsterdam, NL)


2008  Summer exhibition, Gallery Aelbrecht (Rotterdam, NL)


2007  Art Gallery WTC (Rotterdam, NL)


2007  35th years, Gallery Aelbrecht (Rotterdam, NL)


2006  Gallery Aelbrecht (Rotterdam, NL)


2006  Gallery DNK (Dorst Naar Kunst) (Dorst, NL)


2006  De Kunstkamer (Baarn, NL)


2006  Abstract expressions, Galerie Aelbrecht (Rotterdam, NL)


2006  Summer Exhibition, Galerie Aelbrecht (Rotterdam, NL)