Biography of Claire DROPPERT

Claire Droppert is a Dutch photographer.

After her study Graphic Design in Rotterdam, Claire Droppert worked at several advertising agencies and has developed her skills as a photographer along with her graphic design abilities. In her work, Claire Droppert is inspired by the line where simplicity and minimalism are wed, and the new editing techniques that can blur this line. Claire Droppert has a strong preference for landscapes, and desolate/open spaces. There is a distinctive whispering silence to be found in Claire’s work.   

Born in 1977. Lives and works in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Artworks by Claire DROPPERT

Exhibitions and Publications


2015  Spot U Art, Ancienne Quincaillerie van AA (Brussels, Be)

2014 Spot U Art Launch event, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, BE)
2013  Lungo Expo Shootershots, Urban photo collective (Rotterdam, NL)
2013  MPA, Soho Gallery for Digital Art (New-York, USA)
2013  Electric tape I Digital Film, Business Center "Alliance" (Tyumen, RU)
2009  Still moving, photo challengeOpen air photo exhibition (Rotterdam, NL)


    2013  Instaphotographers
    2011  Urban photo collective's annual 'five'