Inside the studio of Helene Dawans

February 29, 2016

Meeting of Belgian artist Hélène Dawans in her studio in the Brussels countryside. In collaboration with Bazar Magazine

Self-taught, Hélène Dawans starts in 2011 her serie "colors on wood," a serie of paintings on recycled wood panels.
The material and colors have always been for Helene Dawans an endless source of inspiration. Color and depths allows the artist to give a particular rhythm in her works.
"Initially, I did not really have thematics in my paintings. I play with the colors. These are tremendously influenced by the light of day and my mood. By cons, some paintings are, finally, a detail of a natural stone, a tissue, or a detail of a construction of a building. In fact, images that I loved and that are likely printed in my subconscious. "

Many notable artists have had a major impact on her work.
Richard Raushenberg for his collages, Peter Zimmermann and Gerhard Richter for their colors. The artist I would choose if I had one to meet: "Gerhard Richter simply because it is one of those exceptional artists who excel in multiple techniques. In addition, a character who seems to keep grounded and human. A total heart out! "

Hélène Dawans confides have started a new series of paintings.
So far the frame of her works consisted of random vertical and horizontal lines. In this new serie, the artist has added curves.

A museum that she particularly likes:
The Guggenheim in New York for its architecture, its curves that make you dream!


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