Yunus Social Business

July 03, 2014

Mandela artwork inside the Yunus Social business office in Frankfurt

Co-founded by Peace Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Saskia Bruysten, Sophie Eisenmann and Hans Reitz, Yunus Social Business (YSB) helps create social businesses around the world. YSB runs as social business itself by setting up incubator funds and providing advisory services to companies, governments, foundations and NGOs.

YSB has an enthusiastic team of management consultants, venture capital and international development specialists. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and with subsidiaries in Albania, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, India, Tunisia and Uganda, Yunus Social Business is expanding the social business movement around the world.

Meeting the Yunus Social Business founders in Brussels, Spot U Art and French artist Hervé Perdriel decided to donate the foundation Perdriel's"Mandela" piece. The artist created this large piece in 2011 and invited the public to sign on it.

The piece has been hanged inside the German office of the YSB in Frankfurt.  

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